Alabama Contest Group - Alabama QSO Party

This station definitely under construction (rev: Apr 10th, 2013).

Great place to ponder!
Fadette, Alabama
Geneva County - EM71fb

The purpose of this station is to have FUN in CW, PH and RY contests. I am NO super op by any means and especially not on CW, but I am sure that I can have some FUN with this station.

DXing is secondary source of fun!

Rag chewing is always a possibility!

  • Computer/Interface: Using a Win8.1/64bit computer with the main station. Using two microKEYERs for the rig interface for the interface for the FT-2000D and FT-990AT (right now). This computer also has a Com1 serial port, that I am thinking about running rig control for the FT-990AT. It is a bit contrary with the microkeyer.
  • The Win7/32 computer: is now supporting the NA4AR CC-Cluster (DX Cluster). I have just (Jan 21, 2018) installed this and it seems to be running fine. You can reach it via your telnet or logging program at NA4AR.ddns.com port: 7373 if you are incline. Still have the Rosewell RC-305e (PCI-Express) 4-port Comm Card--not using it for anything right now. This gave a number of serial ports for Com1, Com2, Com3, Com4 and Com5.

  • Software:
    • Use Writelog as my contest logger. Been using it since 1995. I have tried other loggers and there are several very good quality packages (N1MM Logger+) out there, but I keep coming back to Writelog, old habits are hard to break!
    • Been trying N1MM Logger+ recently in CWT and it is a very good package. As with all of these loggers it can be challenging to setup, but I have given N1MM some time this year and it has proved to be a very capable logger.
    • Have worked with Logger32 as well for a general purpose logger and DX logger. It works very well also.
    • Use N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log (ACLog) with the WSJT-X (JT FT) modes. It is fully integrated with the WJST-X, JTAlert-X packages and seems just easier to keep the those contacts in ACLog. Also used N3FJT Field Day Logger for many years.

  • Miscellaneous

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    Station Description

  • HF Rigs:
    • Yaesu FT-2000D
  • VHF Station:
    • Nothing for 2m.
    • Yaesu FT-2000D for 6m.

  • HF Amplifier:
    • Ten Tec Centurion 422 (two 3-500Z)

    Operating position Aug 2012

  • Tower 1: 70' Rohn 25

  • This tower has been completely decommissioned. Although I have thought about putting a hazer on about 40 or 50 feet of tower.

    • Cushcraft 104CD at 78' (rotatable) and a homebrew 4L10m (built the same as the Cushcarft) at 39' fixed to Europe. Have both of these stacked with a Array Solutions Stack Match.

    • Also a Hy-Gain 155CA @ 71'

    • 160m Inverted Vee Dipole at 65'

  • Tower 2: 107' Rohn 45

    • Picture above is the Cushcraft 40-2D @ 118' and the Hy-Gain 204BA @ 108'
    • 160m Inverted Vee at 105'
    • 80m Inverted Vee at 105'
    • A 30m delta loop one of these days.

  • Tower 3: 42' Alumminum

      • Homebrew 5L 6m beam @ 48' thanks to Tom/K4ZGB. Will be replacing with a M2 7L31'Boom and a F9FT 2m Antennas
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