On the left is one of the guy stations. These are contained in a 36" x 4'
concrete footer. The upright is a 6" I-beam. These were used in roadside

The second pic shows the 66' guy point and the piece of angle iron that I
used as a support for the plumb line. Actually I had another one of the
plumbs at the 33' point. Plumbing the tower was alot more difficult that
I imagined. I spend several weekend adjusting guy lengths to get this to
an acceptable state.

The remaining pics are of the 76' guyed Rohn 45 tower.

This is the aluminum tower with the Tribander. I placed this electrical box that
I acquired from Ed/N4JTP as excess to his needs. I stripped out the breakers and
other support items and placed a terminal strip to splice the rotor cable together.
Eventually I will place a surge protector at this point for the rotor cable and coax
cable for the tribander and possible 6m beam..

Pictured on the left is a 1:1 balun. I decided to use these rather than the
1:1 coax balun. I thought it might be easier to use with the stack.
Pictured on the right is the first of two 204CA that are being assembled.
Just four feet off the ground, not much of a threat right now... Hi hi..
Cotton in the background--not snow!